What to do with pets when showing your home?

What to do with pets when showing your home? I understand the importance of properly handling pets when showing your home to potential buyers. Here are some tips, along with local pet hotel options in Southlake:

  1. Arrange Alternative Accommodations: Consider temporarily relocating your pets to a local pet hotel or boarding facility during showings. This ensures they are safely out of the way and minimizes disruptions for both you and potential buyers.
  2. Coordinate with Pet-Friendly Friends or Family: If boarding your pets isn't feasible, consider asking friends or family members who are comfortable with animals to watch them during showings. This allows your pets to remain in a familiar environment while keeping them out of the home during important viewings.
  3. Remove Pet Odors and Hair: Prior to showings, thoroughly clean your home to eliminate any lingering pet odors and remove pet hair from furniture, carpets, and other surfaces. Consider using pet-friendly cleaning products to ensure a fresh and inviting atmosphere.
  4. Hide Pet Supplies: Store pet toys, bowls, beds, and other accessories out of sight during showings to minimize visual clutter and create a more neutral space for potential buyers to envision themselves living in.
  5. Highlight Local Pet Hotels: For homeowners in Southlake, Texas, there are several reputable pet hotels and boarding facilities to choose from. Options such as Pet Paradise and PetSuites offer top-notch accommodation and amenities for your furry friends while your home is being shown.

By following these tips and considering local pet hotel options in Southlake, Texas, you can ensure a smooth and successful home showing experience while keeping your pets safe and comfortable. Contact me, Wynne Moore, for expert guidance on navigating the home selling process while accommodating your pets' needs in Southlake.

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