Landscape For Spring in Simple Steps

Landscape for spring in simple steps that won’t break the bank. As you take stock of your yard, realize there are some tricks and tips to help make this job easier and cheaper. You can refresh your outdoor space by getting creative, repurposing unused items and trying some less conventional materials. 

  • Repaint. Take leftover house paint and paint your outdoor pots to create a cohesive look for your spring flowers that matches your house.
  • Recycle. Old car tires can be painted and turned into pretty planters for flowers or tomatoes.
  • Repurpose. Try using grass clippings or raked leaves as free alternatives to mulch in your vegetable and flower beds.
  • Reuse. Old paint cans, coffee cans, jars, coffee cups and the like can all be interesting containers for growing a patio herb garden, and you can paint them all to match each other, displaying them on old crates or shelving.
  • Refresh. Add brightly colored flowers, a sitting bench, an umbrella, or string lights to your backyard space to define the area and make it a space everyone wants to hang out in.
  • Revitalize. Want less yard to take care of? Add stepping stones in your lawn where people most often walk. Substitute the strip of grass by the curb for crushed granite, and a few native, hearty plants, or turn grass you have to mow into a beautiful wildflower garden that attracts birds and bees.

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