How to Protect Your Home While Enjoying a Texan Vacation

How to Protect Your Home While Enjoying a Texan Vacation. As Southlake basks in the summer sun and its vibrant community embraces outdoor activities, many residents may be planning a well-deserved getaway. However, before bags are packed and trips to Texas Hill Country or coastal escapes are made, a few crucial steps should be taken to ensure your Southlake home remains safe and secure during your absence.

Bolstering Security: Creating a Fort Knox for Your Belongings

First and foremost, peace of mind must be ensured. Therefore, let's transform your Southlake residence into a secure haven!

Doorway Reinforcement: Worn-out door hinges or locks should be replaced. Additionally, the installation of smart locks can be explored, allowing for remote monitoring and controlled access. This is especially beneficial for trusted friends who might check in or collect deliveries.

Window Safeguards: Windows should not be weak points. Thus, all windows should be double-checked to ensure they are securely shut. For added security, window security bars can be considered.

Nighttime Illumination: Motion-sensor lights should be strategically placed around entryways and patios to deter potential intruders. Furthermore, leaving a few interior lights on timers can create the illusion of someone being home.

Neighborly Support: A trusted neighbor should be enlisted to keep an eye on things. Services such as mail collection, lawn mowing, and ensuring the home appears occupied can be invaluable.

Texas Heat Management: Keeping Your Home Cool (Literally!)

As Southlake summers can be brutal, here’s how to keep your home comfortable – and prevent costly utility bills – while you’re away:

Thermostat Adjustments: A slightly warmer temperature setting (around 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit) should be implemented on the thermostat during your absence. Smart thermostats, offering remote control, allow for temperature adjustments even while on vacation.

Curtain Control: Blinds and curtains on south-facing windows should be drawn to block the harsh afternoon sun and prevent your home from overheating.

Unnecessary Electronics: Many electronics continue to draw power even when turned off. Therefore, unplugging non-essential appliances can save energy and reduce the risk of electrical issues.

Yard Care: Maintaining Curb Appeal

A well-maintained yard not only deters potential problems but also maintains that "lived-in" look. Here are some tips:

Pre-Departure Mow: A freshly mowed lawn gives the impression that someone's home. Thus, a neighbor or lawn service company should be contacted to mow the lawn while you're away.

Sprinkler System Shutdown: The sprinkler system should be turned off at the source to avoid potential leaks or flooding while you’re gone.

Plant Power: For potted plants, a neighbor should be asked to water them occasionally. Additionally, self-watering planters can be considered for longer trips.

Bonus Tip: Partnering with the Best in Southlake Real Estate

Finally, thinking about selling your Southlake home in the future? While relaxing under the sun on your vacation, consider contacting Wynne Moore of the Wynne Moore Group, the premier real estate agency in Southlake, Texas! Our team of experienced agents can be entrusted with ensuring a smooth and successful selling process, allowing you to return home relaxed and worry-free, ready to embark on the next chapter.

Now that your Southlake home is prepared and protected, bags can be packed, sunscreen grabbed, and a fantastic Texas vacation enjoyed!

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