How to Prep for Moving

How to Prep for Moving. If you are moving into a new home this spring, there are a few key steps to take to prep for your move. 

  1. Make a list. 6-8 weeks before your move, create a checklist of everything you need to do. Don’t rely on your memory, write it down! You’ll need to think about switching utilities, special moving needs for kids and pets. Hiring packing and moving help or collecting boxes and packing materials, cleaning the old and the new home. And what essentials you'll need in your new home during the first few days before you.
  2. Declutter. Don’t move things you don’t plan to keep. Now is the time to sort through all of your furniture and belongings and get rid of anything that doesn’t make the cut for your new home. This will cut down on the quantity of things you’ll need to move, which can impact movers’ costs and time spent hauling.
  3. Create a schedule. Don’t get overwhelmed! Detail a schedule of when movers will come, when you need to have everything packed up, when you’ll get keys and need to turn on utilities. Put all these steps onto a calendar, so that you’re only tackling a few items at a time.
  4. Label, label, label. As you pack and organize, save yourself from stress by super-labeling every box and container.

Breaking down the move into smaller tasks will help keep your move smooth and efficient, and keep moving costs and stress down. Contact Wynne Moore for all your Real Estate inquiries

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