How to Make a Competitive Offer in the Hot Texas Housing Market

How to Make a Competitive Offer in the Hot Texas Housing Market. Hi there! I'm Wynne Moore from the Wynne Moore Group in Southlake, Texas. If you're looking to buy a home in our sizzling market, how to make a competitive offer on a house in Southlake, Texas is key. Here are some tips to help you stand out.

Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

First and foremost, get pre-approved for a mortgage. This shows sellers you're serious and financially ready. In Southlake, homes can receive multiple offers within days. A pre-approval letter gives you an edge over other buyers. It demonstrates your ability to secure financing, which can make your offer more attractive.

Act Fast When You Find Your Dream Home

Next, act fast. When you find your dream home, don't hesitate. In popular neighborhoods like Timarron, waiting even a day can mean missing out. Be prepared to tour homes as soon as they hit the market and make swift decisions. This readiness can set you apart from other buyers who may take more time to decide.

Offer Above the Asking Price

Consider offering above the asking price. While it may seem daunting, in a hot market like Southlake's, this can make your offer more attractive. For instance, if the home is listed at $750,000, consider offering $765,000 or more. This is especially important in desirable areas like Carroll ISD. A higher offer shows sellers that you are serious about purchasing their home.

Include a Personal Touch

Lastly, include a personal touch. Write a heartfelt letter to the seller. Share why you love their home and how you envision your life there. Personal connections can sometimes tip the scales in your favor. Sellers may feel more comfortable selling to someone who appreciates their home.

Additional Tips for Success

In addition to these main points, consider being flexible with your move-in date. Sellers may appreciate a buyer who can accommodate their schedule. Also, consider increasing your earnest money deposit. This can show the seller that you are committed to the purchase. Another tip is to limit your contingencies. The fewer contingencies you have, the more appealing your offer can be. Finally, work with an experienced real estate agent. An agent with local market knowledge can provide valuable insights and strategies.


In conclusion, making a competitive offer in the hot Southlake housing market requires preparation and strategy. Steps to secure a home in Southlake, Texas real estate market include getting pre-approved for a mortgage, acting fast, offering above the asking price, and including a personal touch. By following these tips for buying a home in Southlake, Texas, you can increase your chances of securing your dream home. Stay updated on Southlake, Texas real estate market trends 2024 to make informed decisions. Happy house hunting, and feel free to reach out for more personalized advice!

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