How to Appreciate Your Home More

How to Appreciate Your Home More. As you reflect upon the past year, consider the part your home plays in your happiness and in your daily life. Your home can give you feelings of contentment and peace if you re-align your perspective and refocus your senses to appreciate your home more.

Light A Candle 

Scent is overwhelmingly a trigger for memories. So lighting a scented candle in your home when you are there can help you remember friends you’ve had over for game night, special meals you’ve made for your family or that great holiday party you threw just last week. Keep those emotions active all year long with a simple scented candle to light your way.

Go Away

You always appreciate your home more when you’ve been away. Likely during this past holiday, you’ve stayed with relatives, or in a hotel, or spent many hours in your car. Isn’t it good to be home when you finally return? Your home is comforting, welcoming, familiar. Take the time to appreciate what your home offers you just the way it is. Your comfy sofa. Everything in its place, just the way you like it.

Look Around

You can also appreciate where your home is, in addition to your home itself. Are you close to a pretty park? Is there a trail? A garden? Can you walk to a fun restaurant? Do you love your neighbors? Can you sit on your porch in the evenings? Your home can be the center of a bigger world. Contact Wynne Moore for all your Real Estate inquiries.

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