Home Trends for 2023

Home Trends for 2023. For the coming year, home design and décor will continue to trend around comfort and calm. People are downsizing, decluttering and balancing their lives — and that will definitely be reflecting in the way they address their homes. Simplicity will be the buzzword in home trends this year, further reinforcing our need to rest, relax and enjoy the stability of our homes.

Downsizing or “Rightsizing”. Families, especially older empty-nesters will move or remodel to suit their new simpler lifestyle and smaller family. Décor will be simpler and more efficient, making ease of living a top priority.

Multi-purpose Rooms. As families continue to make their home into the place they spend the most time, many rooms in the house can take on a 2nd or 3rd job. A guest bedroom is also an workout room. A kitchen becomes a party room. Turn a large closet or a landing into an office. Get creative with your space and make it meet your needs. 

Health and Happiness. Consider how your home makes you feel in 2023, and design your décor accordingly. From softer more natural light, to softer more natural textiles, surround yourself with comfort. Add air filters and programmable thermostats. Humidifiers and oxygen-producing greenery.

Sustainable Materials. Homeowners continue to upgrade their spaces with more natural materials like bamboo flooring and materials like cork, cotton and wool. Bringing the outdoors in, and keeping materials simple yet chic will enhance livability and boost sustainability. Contact Wynne Moore for all your Real Estate inquiries.

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