Get Your Garage into Shape This Spring

Get your garage into shape this spring and make it work better for you and everyone in your family. Ready to start organizing? Try these four ideas for efficient garage storage that will help you love your garage, enjoying more space and more peace of mind!

  1. Holiday Decor Storage. Instead of bulky boxes, use canvas zipper storage bags that are easy to move around and take up less space. Add ceiling storage hooks to keep them off the floor and out of your way since you only have to access them once a year.
  2. Tall Container Shelf. Go vertical! Build or find simple vertical shelving to stack storage containers high all the way to the ceiling. Put the items you need less frequent access to at the top. This way the footprint for your storage is small — it’s only taking up the floor space of one container.
  3. Garden Implement Storage. Use cardboard concrete-form tubes which are quite inexpensive, secured to a wall stud to store brooms, rakes and other tall implements out of the way, with easy access. This method can work for sports equipment too. Think bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs.
  4. Pegboard Organization. Using this storage system, all the small things that simply got lost or hidden in a toolbox previously, now hang organized and easy to grab. Strong pegboard systems can also work for heavier items like shovels, rakes and ladders.

Try these four ideas to get your garage into shape this spring. Please visit www.WynneMoore.com or contact Wynne Moore for all your Real Estate inquiries.

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