Five Unexpected Home Storage Ideas

Five Unexpected Home Storage Ideas. Living in cramped quarters? There are little-used spaces in your house that you can turn into storage for a cleaner, more clutter free home this year. Get creative and see where you can add storage! 

  1. Under Seating: You’ve heard of under-the-bed flat storage containers. You can use this same idea under your sofa, living room chairs, and dressers. Choose a flat-style box or basket that fits neatly under a specific piece of furniture, and you’ll have an instant place to hideaway items that you need but use infrequently in that room. 
  2. Behind Closed Doors: Every door in your house is an opportunity for storage. Whether that’s a hanging shoe rack on your bedroom door, a canned-goods dispenser on your kitchen door, or linen storage on your bathroom door, don’t overlook this unused space.
  3. Secret Bookshelf Storage: Have empty bookcase shelves, but not a lot of books? Cover the front of a box with book spines and use it as a secret storage box right on your bookshelf. It’ll fit in and you’ll be able to store non-book items with easy access.
  4. Staircase Storage: Retrofit your staircase with pull-out storage compartments! Store your winter clothing, extra blankets, whatever you need in a previously unused spot.
  5. Above the Door: Every doorway in your home is about one to two feet of used space. Hang a shelf above each door to give yourself a bit more storage in every room.

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