Creating a Guest Room They Won’t Want to Leave

Creating a guest room they won’t want to leave during the holiday season? It might be time to upgrade by providing a warm and welcoming experience. It’s a great way to keep everyone in the holiday spirit, and you might just set a new standard for hospitality among your family members. 

A Blank (But Comfortable!) Space

While it can be tempting to infuse your guest room with your personal style, overwhelming your guests with your design sensibilities will just reinforce the fact that they’re far from home. Instead, opt for simple, neutral décor. 

Stay Practical

Your guest room is not the place to store all of your extra junk. Be sure to provide your guests with plenty of empty storage places, whether that’s a closet or dresser. Include a desk and comfy chair if space permits — this will give them space to relax other than the bed. And leave a card in the room that includes the Wi-Fi information and any other need-to-know tidbits about your home.

A Little Luxury Goes a Long Way

Why not treat your guests to a bit of luxury? Start with the basics: high thread count sheets, pillows of varying firmness, and lamps around the room so your guests can decide how much light they want in their space. Extra blankets are a good idea, too, especially if you like to keep your home on the cooler side. Finally, consider filling a small basket with toiletries and other odds and ends we often forget when we’re traveling. Those are some tips for creating a guest room they won't want to leave. Contact Wynne Moore for all your Real Estate inquiries.

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